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  • 360º
  • 1500m2
  • Fever Originals


JAM CAPSULE is an innovative scenic device, which immerses its audience in a completely unique sound and visual cultural experience. Viewers understand and learn by literally traveling through a series of thematic works broadcasted in 360°.
The works, which are presented in the form of 50-minute capsules, comprise different forms of art, from dance to music, painting to cinema, ecology to architecture. Any theme is possible, provided it is treated with care and its uniqueness is respected.
The choice of the word capsule gives us a name for this creation format. It is neither a film, nor a documentary, nor an exhibition in the traditional sense of the word. It is a unique immersive experience, which takes the audience on an emotionally, physically and intellectually rich journey.
Jam Capsule stage device

- Descente de croix de Rogier van der Weyden -

Peintres Flamands Jam Capsule in Paris Projections

- Portrait de Margareta van Eyck de Jan van Eyck -

Peintres Flamands Jam Capsule in Paris Projections

- La Vierge du chancelier Rolin de Jan van Eyck -

<em>La Vierge du chancelier Rolin</em> de Jan van Eyck

- Descente de croix de Rogier van der Weyden -

Peintres Flamands Jam Capsule in Paris Projections

- La bénédiction du Christ de Hans Memlin -

Peintres Flamands Jam Capsule in Paris Projections

- Crucifixion de Rogier van der Weyden -

Peintres Flamands Jam Capsule in Paris Projections


Tom Volf's “Mystic Gardens, a walk through the masterpieces of the Flemish Primitives”, was created in collaboration with our studio and offers an immersive experience in a world between imagination and reality. A journey within the greatest masterpieces of the Flemish masters; huge polyptychs that will be deconstructed and reconstructed in a new way. In close collaboration with the greatest international museums, more than thirty works have been presented in exceptional quality with new digitizations in very high definition, revealing details that were previously indistinct.

Thanks to an original approach to motion design, Peintres Flamands plunges visitors into the heart of the images that come to life before their eyes. Viewers will find themselves at the heart of the action with the fantastic characters and hyper-realistic settings and at the heart of the emotion with a 360° spatialized auditory immersion that echoes each painting and its very own universe. Bold musical choices take the visitor on a moving and astonishing journey of sound, where sacred songs are mixed with lyrical and contemporary music.


Tom Volf is the writer, director, photographer and curator of the exhibition. His work received worldwide recognition in 2018 through his film Maria by Callas and other related projects he created. With this capsule, Tom Volf uses his knowledge and artistic vision for an approach that is both didactic and interactive, to help as many people as possible discover the unique universe of these masters of pictorial realism.

Each painting is put together with music to form a story in its own right and to create an incomparable work. Tom Volf’s excellent direction gives rise to an outstanding and breathtaking show. This project was part of the “Van Eyck Year” and directly echoes major international events including the major retrospective in Ghent in 2020 “Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution” TOM VOLF.

Tom Volf


  • Jan Van Eyck:

    • L’homme au turban (National Gallery, London)
    • Diptyque de l'annonciation
    • Retable de l'Agneau Mystique (Cathédrale St Bavon, Gand)
    • L'annonciation (Musée de Washington)
    • La madone dans l'église (Gemaldegalerie, Berlin)
    • La Vierge du chancelier Rolin (Louvre, Paris)
    • Portrait de Margerita Van Eyck
    • Les époux Arnolfini (National Gallery, London)
    • Portrait de Boudoin de Lannoy
    • Madone à l'enfant et chanoine van der Paele (Groeninge museum, Bruges)
    • Portrait du Cardinal Albergati
    • Portrait de Jan de Leeuw
    • Portrait de l'homme au turban bleu (National Museum, Bucharest)
    • Portrait d'un jeune homme (National Gallery, London)
    • Portrait de Baudouin de Lannoy (Gemaldegalerie, Berlin)
    • Portrait de Giovanni Arnolfini (Gemaldegalerie, Berlin)
    • Portrait du Cardinal Albergati (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienne)
    • Portrait de Jan de Leeuw (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienne)
  • Rogier Van der Weyden:

    • Christ moqué, le couronnement d'épines (National Gallery, London)
    • Portrait de Philippe le Bon (Louvre, Paris)
    • Portrait de Jean le Belliqueux (Louvre, Paris)
    • Portrait de Laurent Froimont (Musée Royal, Bruxelles)
    • Portrait d'un homme (Musée Royal, Anvers)
    • Le jugement dernier (Hospices de Beaune)
    • Christ sur la croix entouré de la Vierge et St Jean (Patrimonio National, El Escorial)
    • Diptyque de la crucifixion (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
    • La descente de la croix (Prado, Madrid)
    • Portrait d'Isabelle du Portugal (Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
    • Portrait de Charles le Téméraire (Gemaldegalerie, Berlin)
  • Hiéronymus Bosch:

    • Le jardin des délices (Prado, Madrid)
    • L’adoration des mages (Prado, Madrid)
    • Visions de l'au delà (Gallerie Academia, Venise)
    • St Jean l'évangéliste à Patmos (Gemaldegalerie, Berlin)
    • Ecce Homo (Stadelmuseum, Frankfurt)
    • St Jean Baptiste (Fundacion Lazare Galdiano, Madrid)
  • Hans Memling:

    • St Christophe, triptyque Willem Moreel (Groeninge museum, Bruges)
    • Portrait d'une jeune femme (Musée Memling, Hopital St Jean, Bruges)
    • Retable de St Jean (Musée Memling, Hopital St Jean, Bruges)
    • Portrait d'un homme en prière (National Gallery, London)
    • Portrait d'une femme âgée (Louvre, Paris)
    • Portraits de Willem Moreel et son épouse (Musée Royal, Bruxelles)
    • Barbara de Vlaenderberch (Musée Royal, Bruxelles)
    • Portrait d'un homme tenant une pièce représentant Neron (Musée Royal, Anvers)
    • Portrait d'un homme (Uffizi, Florence)
    • Portrait d'un homme avec une lettre (Uffizi, Florence)
    • Portrait de Benedetto Portinari (Uffizi, Florence)
    • Portrait de Tommaso Portinari (Metropolitan Museum, New York)
    • Portrait de Maria Maddalena Portinari (Metropolitan Museum, New York)

Jam Capsule in Paris: Reviews

  • Justine W.

    A wonderful show. The fact the paintings were accompanied by well-adapted classical music made the experience even more emotional.

  • Luc E.

    Great music and staging!

  • Emma. A

    As a huge fan of Flemish painting myself, I really enjoyed immersing myself in these images. It was an incredibly evocative experience.


  • Legacy by Yann Arthus-Bertrand - Jam Capsule Paris



    Produced by: HOPE Productions
    Original music : Armand Amar
  • Japon by Pierre Goismier - Jam Capsule Paris



    Produced by: GEDEON Programs
    Original music : Audrey Ismaël
  • Maria by Callas - Tom Volf in Jam Capsule Paris



    Produced by: Atelier JAM
  • Peintres Flamands byTom Volf - Jam Capsule Paris



    Produced by: JAtelier JAM
  • Zingaro Ex Anima par James Sénde - Jam Capsule à Paris

    Zingaro Ex Anima

    Bartabas & James Sénade

    Produced by: Atlas V - Saint George Studio - Atelier JAM


  1. Duration: 50 minutes approx.
  2. Location: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, pavillon 5.3
  3. Age requirement: All ages welcome (recommended for children over 7 years old)
  4. Dates & schedule: Summer Schedule from July 4th to August 21st

The Jam Capsule experience is open on July 14th and August 15th.

  • Week of December 12 to 18

    Jam Capsule Planning Jam Capsule Planning
  • Week of December 19 to 25

    Jam Capsule Planning Jam Capsule Planning
  • From December 26, 2022

    Jam Capsule Planning Jam Capsule Planning
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Jam Capsule: Peintres Flamands Location


Principal entrance Porte A2 and then take the direction to Hall 6

Train icon METRO: Line 12, Porte de Versailles station – exit 1 Train icon BUS: Line 80, Porte de Versailles – Parc des Expositions station and line 39, Desnouettes station Train icon TRAMWAY: T2 and T3a, Porte de Versailles – Parc des Expositions station Velo icon BICYCLE: Velib station on Avenue Ernest Renan Voiture icon BY CAR: Parking 6: access Place des Insurgés de Varsovie, 75 015 Paris / VIP access Avenue de la Porte de la Plaine, 75 015 Paris
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